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Ask The Right Questions When Looking For A Place To Rent

"Do You Have Anything Available?" And Other Ways Not To Ask about A Rental

Hey guys! I'm just taking a break from going to some property inspections here in Chattanooga and thought I would take a minute to talk to you about a couple things that I think might help prospective tenants in their search to find a place to rent.

I seem to be getting tons and tons of messages lately from people looking for availability. And they're always messaging you some version of the same thing:

This is not the way to ask, and I'll explain why. Coming from the perspective of a busy property manager, the more specific and detailed information that you provide us, the better that we can help you. What kind of specific and detailed information? Well, I'll tell you.

Some questions to consider:

  • How many bedrooms do you need?

  • Is there a specific area of town that you want to be near?

  • Do you need a place that's pet-friendly?

  • Or maybe a school district that you'd like to live in?

  • How soon do you need to move?

  • And of course, what is your budget?

Asking the right questions right up front will save everybody a whole lot of time. As property managers, we can weed out tons of options that wouldn't fit your needs just by narrowing down the focus and knowing exactly what you're looking for.

Other important things to mention would be if you have any blemishes to your credit or background check, as often times things like that will prohibit the application process from moving forward.

We get hundreds of messages a day from prospective tenants. (Seriously! Hundreds!) And that's on top of all the other phone calls, texts, emails and messages from everyone else. We're busy! So if I see something that's just generic, i.e. "what do you have available", I'm probably going to skip over that one because I just don't have time to sort through all the different variables with every prospective tenant.

There it is, just a quick blog tip for if you're having trouble getting a property manager to respond to you if or you want a response quicker than what you've been getting.

Being specific and detailed when you're asking about a rental property will help you narrow down your focus and will help a landlord or a property management company answer and help sort through your needs quicker and find a place for you to rent that you and your family will love!

Thanks so much! Have a good day!

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